Ten Years After Her Bestselling Debut, Lisa Tucker Is Still Going Strong

Mathematicians are unlikely novelists, but for Lisa Tucker, math, jazz and writing seem to be the perfect mix. For fans of Tucker’s work, though, the author’s eclectic interests are really not a surprise at all. There is a thread that ties all of these interests together and it is the same thread that exists in all of Tucker’s novels. For Lisa Tucker, it’s all about exploration.

When Lisa Tucker began her first novel, The Song Reader, she was obsessed with discovering how the way people relate to songs can lead to a deeper understanding of life. Her debut novel was certainly a journey of discovery. Most people look at such a quest as a solo endeavor, but Tucker began writing her novel fueled by enthusiasm to not only discover more about herself, but to involve other people in the process with her. It makes sense that Tucker writes her novels for teens. All too often, adults are unwilling to embark on journeys of self-discovery. Tucker’s literature seems to work best with the open-mindedness and eagerness that is easier found in young adult readers.

Another aspect that ties all of Tucker’s interests together is the skill of storytelling. Storytelling is obviously a necessary skill for an author, and this is an area where Lisa Tucker demonstrates clear dedication to her craft, but as a musician and mathematician, Tucker also makes storytelling a priority. As a jazz singer, Tucker relies on her ability to bring a story to life to keep audiences emotionally engaged in the music. From folk songs to the most avant-garde free jazz improvisations, every well performed piece of music has a compelling story at it’s heart. In the world of math, too, storytelling is vital. As a writer, Tucker understands that at it’s very essence, math is about language and communication. Tucker acknowledged her appreciation for the deep communication made possible by mathematics by saying, “a mathematical proof is one of the most gorgeous objects on earth”.

In the ten years since publishing her first novel, Tucker has written a total of six novels, and several shorter works. In between pounding the keyboard and singing in jazz clubs, Tucker has made guest appearances on numerous radio and television programs, and she has taught creative writing classes across the United States. Tucker’s voice has been heard on public radio, syndicated cable TV, the BBC, as well as CBS’ Early show .

Publications that have featured Tucker include The Los Angeles Time, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Publishers Weekly, Albuquerque Journal, and St. Louis Dispatch. Numerous book clubs, reading groups and critics have selected her novels for special recognition, including Borders Original Voices, Redbook Book Club, Amazon Book of the Year, Doubleday Book Club, People Magazine Critic’s Choice, Literary Guild, Book Of The Month Club, Barnes and Nobles Reading Group, Books A Million Fiction Club, Book Sense Reading Group Suggestions, Target “Breakout” Books, the Book Sense list, and the American Library Association Popular Paperbacks.

Lisa Tucker has so far enjoyed a celebrated career and won many fans. Fiction enthusiasts hope to share their sense of wonder and joyful exploration with Lisa Tucker through her novels for many more years.

You can learn more about Lisa Tucker by visiting lisatucker.com .

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